How do I change the address and /or telephone information on my membership?

Changes can be completed by calling or at the front desk of your local American Family Fitness location or on our website at, account login.

How do I change my billing account?

Changes can be completed at the front desk of your local American Family Fitness location or on our website at, account login.

If you do not want your dues to draft from your account we have on file, you can make a payment in the club, up to 5 days prior to the scheduled draft date.

How do I cancel my membership?

If during the term of your membership you become physically unable to use a substantial portion of the health spa services for 30 or more consecutive days, you may cancel your membership with a doctor’s or nurse practitioner’s certificate.

If during the term of your membership you permanently relocate 25 miles away from any American Family Fitness, your membership will be terminated with valid proof of relocation, $100 cancellation fee and a Request to Cancel form.

Valid proof of relocation includes:

  1. Drivers license, not more than two months old.
  2. Deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, not more than two months old
  3. Utility bill, not more than two months old, issued to primary member. Service and mailing address must be the same. Examples include gas, electric, sewer, water, cable or phone bill.
    (Cellular phone and pager bills are not accepted.)
  4. Copy of current voter���s registration receipt at primary member’s new district
  5. Payroll check stub issued by an employer within the last two months with both primary member’s name and address imprinted
  6. Current homeowners insurance policy, automobile or life insurance bill (Cards or policies are not accepted.)
  7. Cancelled check not more than two months old with both name and address imprinted
  8. Certified copy of school tuition with room/board issued by a school in which the member is currently enrolled and is accredited by a U.S. state, jurisdiction or territory (A report card is not accepted.)
  9. An affidavit from attorney
    • Affidavit must be on attorney’s letterhead
    • Affidavit can only be signed by the attorney
    • Make sure that it includes the 3 required items: member’s name, member’s new address and date member moved.
  10. Military deployment orders or permanent change-of-station that affects member’s ability to utilize the club.
  11. Mission papers

Proof of relocation provided must include: Primary member’s name, a physical address (PO Box not accepted) and current date (within past two months)


Submit medical and relocation cancellations to your local American Family Fitness location or to

If you wish to cancel your membership at the end of your term, you can go to the club and complete a written Request to Cancel form. Forms are available at the front desk. You may submit your Request to Cancel via certificated mail, to ensure receipt, to:

Richmond Fitness
4200 Innslake Drive, Suite 104
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Cancellations are not acceptable via telephone.

All cancellations require 30-day written notice to process; any draft(s) or payments due during this 30-day period must be processed and collected in order for the membership to terminate.

Please call 804.965.0057, if you have any questions.

What is included with my membership?

Upon joining American Family Fitness your are eligible for a free 8-week course designed to teach you the basics of exercise and familiarize you with the many types of fitness we have to offer. You’ll also have access to cardio equipment, machine weights, free weights, group exercise classes, cycling, basketball, racquetball, pool access and aqua aerobic classes where available and more.

A family membership includes access to the KidZone and kid activities. Tanning, massage, personal training and swimming lessons are additional fees.

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