Amanda R. Thornton

Amanda ThorntonThis is very hard for me to post…so hard it brings tears to my eyes every time I look at the before picture, and I’m embarrassed of it.  This is my story of a girl who didn’t even realize she got so big until she saw the before picture tagged to her FaceBook after a company Christmas party. I got on the scale a few nights later and it said 230lbs!! I couldn’t believe I’d gained so much weight after having my first daughter in January 2009.  I showed the picture to my husband and he couldn’t even believe I’d gained so much weight!  So we got Wii Fit and started learning the basics of real exercise. When I was in High School I was very fit, active, and being lean came easy. I was in dance and gymnastics my whole life!! So being unhealthy, large, and out of shape was unbelievable and unreal for me!  It was in June 2009 I decided to buy an elliptical and got on it for 30 mins everyday and started counting calories and eating clean.  I lost 45lbs right away! Then after having my second daughter in 2013 I decided to join American Family Fitness! Taking classes, lifting weights, and working with a personal trainer who specializes in HIIT and guess what, it changed my life!  So much so I’ve decided to become a personal trainer! Fitness and health is where my heart lye’s! Yes I know I have quite a bit to go but I’ve been through so much that I thought it was important to share my story, to inspire and to motivate just one person.  My fit journey is far from over and I will continue to improve! Take it one day at a time! Progress is progress even if it is slow!
I will be an AmFam member for life and hope to be a personal trainer there one day! I love the atmosphere and customer service you have provided and making me always feel welcome!  I have been working with Michelle Haas (personal trainer) for the past 9 months which has increased my fitness level like I couldn’t have imagined!  She is an amazing trainer!

West End

Personal Trainer
Michelle Haas

Power, Kick, Ride, Yoga For Athletic Performance with Ben 1 day a week, work in the Free Weight section or on Cable Machines a few times per week.  My favorite workouts are HIIT and that’s why I love working with Michelle Haas because she specializes in it.  I go to the gym 4-6 times per week on a regular basis.  I have 2 girls (ages 6 & 2) who love the Kids Zone and the pool.