Andrew Overton

I started my fitness journey back in high school when I began lifting with the football and track team. I was always super lean, and still am, but in high school I only weighed about 140 pounds. I gained a lot of strength but could never seem to really build any muscle. I struggled to gain any size for years, and it was only when I went to college, and began to learn how to really build muscle that I had any success. I started using the home exercise program P90X and managed to gain about 10 pounds of muscle. I stayed at that 155 pounds for a long time and could not seem to gain any more. I changed my program for myself and began to lift four to five times a week and ate constantly! I managed to gain another 10 pounds of solid muscle while remaining around 4% body fat! It took a lot of hard work and dedication but I finally managed to reach my goals! I became a personal trainer and am now helping other people reach theirs as well!

Club: Virginia Center Commons

Classes: Centergy®