Science Says Running Makes You Smarter

Science has shown a direct link between physical fitness and memory, the ability to focus, and the ability to learn new things. Additionally, the cardiovascular benefits of running also seem to lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia later on. Being Fit Can Make You Smarter Here are some things that modern researchers… Read more »

10 Ways To Exercise At Your Work Desk

As technological innovations increase, the amount of jobs requiring human movement decrease, and that finds many of us sitting down all day long. Once we leave work, there’s the family’s extracurricular activities, dinnertime and the bedtime routine to fit in – and there isn’t a whole lot of time for much-needed exercise. 10 Exercises You… Read more »

5 Things You Can Do Right Now For Younger Looking Skin

Tips For Enjoying Younger Looking Skin Here are a handful of things you can start doing right now to improve the look, tone and feel of your skin. Exercise regularly. Exercising regular is one of the best ways to keep yourself looking younger because it boosts circulation, which enhances overall health, adds nice color to… Read more »

9 Ways To Get More Restorative Sleep Every Night

9 Tips To Get A Better Night’s Sleep Forget about diets or workout programs; This year, we challenge you to make restorative sleep your primary New Year’s Resolution. Here are 9 tips to get you started: 1. Make it a habit Our bodies work like clockwork. More accurately, they work like sun-work. They prefer habitual, cyclical,… Read more »

5 Post Workout Nutrition Myths You Need To Know About

Scrap These 5 Post-Workout Nutrition Myths for a Healthier You First, let’s put the spotlight on some of the words we used above: your body and overall health. A common problem for those who prioritize fitness is that you begin to focus too much on the muscles, or a particular muscle group, or perhaps a specific fat measurement… Read more »

How Amber Used Group Training To Prep For The AFF Half-Marathon

One of the biggest challenges of running a half-marathon is getting and staying motivated. Working out on your own and changing your diet plan alone can make things that much more difficult. That’s why Amber wanted to utilize different types of group training to keep herself going and stay on track for her first half-marathon…. Read more »

How Lenny Dropped 53 Pounds Training For The AFF Half-Marathon

How Did Lenny Train In A Way That Encouraged This Weight Loss? It’s very common for people training for long distance running to set time goals. It creates something to work toward and can be a motivator for people to keep pushing. But, everybody is different and Lenny found that a different approach was right… Read more »

You Won’t Believe What Ira Did While Training For Her First Half-Marathon

Ira McClure Morris has always wanted to push herself and work her way up to a full marathon race. She has also wanted to push herself harder to run in cold weather. The upcoming American Family Fitness Half-Marathon set the perfect stage for Ira to accomplish her cold weather goal and to be well on her way to achieving… Read more »

How Jackie, A Mom Of Four, Is Training For Her Second Half-Marathon

What Inspired Jackie To Run The AFF Half-Marathon In November? Jackie ran her first half-marathon in Alaska in 2012. But, just over four months ago, Jackie was sidelined with her second ACL reconstruction and was only recently cleared to run again. Being able to run but not cross train, Jackie said of running the upcoming… Read more »

The Best Subscription Food Services To Start Eating Healthier

Medical science proves over and over again that healthy diets correlate to: Fewer health issues A stronger and healthier heart Balanced blood sugar levels, minimizing risk of type 2 diabetes An easier time achieving and maintaining your target weight A boosted immune system More energy Better sleep habits Fortunately, there are several food subscription services… Read more »

3 Volleyball Drills For A Great Full-Body Workout

1. Jump Higher With Depth Jump Exercises Jumping higher gives you an advantage on both defense and offense. The ability to spike the ball at a higher point than your opponent can reach and block their shots gives you lots of opportunities to prevent the other team from scoring. Depth jumps will increase your explosive… Read more »

A Surprisingly Easy Abs Workout You Won’t Mind Doing Daily

Some abs exercises can become a way of being or a natural part of how you move or maintain healthy postures. Other abs workouts require specific moves you can do at home; and then there are abs workouts that are best done in the gym where you have access to workout gear and professional guidance…. Read more »

5 Foam Roller Exercises For Common Problem Areas (You’re Doing It Wrong)

How Does Foam Rolling Actually Work? Foam rolling is a type of self-myofascial release (SMR) or self-massage. When done correctly, it can remove adhesions within your muscles. Those adhesions cause the tight feeling after you increase your weight or go that extra mile. This seems harmless, but the impact can limit your range of motion… Read more »

3 Challenging Swimming Workouts For Every Level Swimmer

If you haven’t spent much time swimming laps, or doing water-specific workouts, you’ll be shocked at how exhausted you are when you exit the the water. Not only does swimming facilitate calorie burning and weight loss, you can also enjoy the post-workout endorphin rush, with the added bonus of full muscle and joint support. Unlike… Read more »

5 Tips For Running In The Heat – How To Tell If You Overdid It

  Higher Temperatures Bring Added Risks for Runners When the weather warms up, your body is more prone to dehydration, loss of essential salts and electrolytes, as well as heat illness and even heat stroke. While there is no “magic” temperature at which running pros say, “skip the run and head to an air conditioned… Read more »

Hard “Core” Tips & Workouts

The good news is that making an effort to strengthen your core, using a hard “core” workout, is as simple as adding a few or a handful of important steps into your regular workout routine. What’s Your Core Really Good For? First, let’s identify what we’re really talking about when we say the core. If… Read more »

Break Through Your Leg Plateau With This High-Intensity Leg Workout

Hitting a leg plateau is a common occurrence for most men (and some women) who have been weightlifting for several years. Here are the 3 reasons your legs haven’t grown since 2006: 3 Reasons Your Legs Haven’t Grown 1. You’re doing the same exercise routine over and over again When was the last time you didn’t perform… Read more »

The Best Time Of Day To Workout Revealed

Your Personal Goals Should Determine Your Ideal Workout Time The truth is, there isn’t one best time of day to workout. Rather, there are a range of options depending on your fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight? Have you prioritized muscle mass? Are you trying to combat stress and get a better night’s rest?… Read more »

16 Simple Exercises To Improve Your Golf Game

Planks The weakest part of most golfers’ physiques is the part they need most: the core. The core consists of the rectus abdominals (aka “the coveted six-pack abs”), hips, obliques, glutes and lower back. These muscle groups work together when you’re attempting a golf swing. Planks are excellent for boosting core strength by building and strengthening your… Read more »

How To Make A Zingy, Low-Cal Tzatziki Dip [Recipe]

Tzatziki Dip is a Low-Calorie, Protein Packed Condiment More like a condiment than a dressing, tzatziki can be used as a dip for pita bread or chopped up veggies. It’s a tasty sauce on any sandwich, particularly pita wraps or gyros. Tzatziki is also a cool compliment to roasted lamb, beef, chicken or veggies – so… Read more »

Prevent Muscle Pain After Your First Workout

Reduce & Prevent Muscle Pain After Your First Workout There are probably multiple reasons you haven’t been able to workout lately. It may relate to an injury, a busy schedule, life events like having a new baby or getting married, or all of the above. Regardless of the reasons, you don’t want to start a new exercise program without considering… Read more »

Prepare To Fall in Love With Healthy Broccolini

Prepare To Fall in Love With Healthy Broccolini If you typically try to avoid broccoli due to it’s pungent, bitter flavor, you should try broccolini instead. It’s appreciated by cooks and foodie palates alike for its mild, sweet and earthy flavor. Where Can You Find Broccolini? You should be able to find broccolini in the produce section of… Read more »

The Optimal Workout Length To Achieve Your Best Results

Identifying Your Goals To Develop The Right Workout Length The average workout length for your goals ultimately depends on what you want from your workout. For example, if you want to lose weight then the optimal time will differ from an individual working on building larger muscles. The optimal workout length for a teen or adult… Read more »

Reach Your Fitness Goals with a 30 Minute Circuit Workout

Getting Started With Your 30 Minute Circuit Workout In a 30 minute circuit workout, you quickly move through 8-10 exercise stations that will work a variety of muscle groups with very little or no rest between the exercise stations. You will perform a different exercise at each station, such as jumping rope for 60 seconds… Read more »

Healthy, Easy Angel Food Cake Recipe

Fortunately, there’s a hack to the desert code… It involves cutting the fat out of the equation. Angel food cake is sweet and fluffy and voluminous – the perfect desert to satisfy your sweet tooth when you’re working to change habits and revamp your body.  Yes, it’s high in carbs and of course all food… Read more »

The Perfect Beginner Workout Routine For You

To avoid that, choose a goal to work towards and allow that to dictate the types of workouts you use. When you’re not feeling up to working out or you’re struggling with a set of exercises, just reflect on the reason you got started and the goals you’ve set. Doing that will keep you motivated… Read more »

Full Body Home Workout Routine In Under 30 Minutes (Video)

When you can’t get to the gym, or don’t feel motivated to be seen in public, we recommend this in-home, total body workout that can be completed in 30-minutes or less. Full Body Workout Routine in Less Than 30-Minutes You can do this workout with or without equipment. If you’re already at an intermediate level,… Read more »

Great Low Calorie Snack Recipe: Surprisingly Tasty Kale Chips

On any diet or meal plan, the biggest hurdle is hunger. Meeting your fitness goals is often derailed by poor choices in-between meals because you’re simply uncomfortable with hunger pangs. When it isn’t quite dinner time, or when the last meal of the day is over but it’s not time to go to bed, reaching for a bag of your kid’s… Read more »

A Guide To Vitamins & Health Supplements You Should Be Using (Or Avoiding)

It’s absolutely true that vitamins, minerals and supplements can augment diets to ensure the body gets what it needs to be healthy, energized and more resistant to undesirable health conditions. However, it’s also true that taking too many vitamins can be a bad thing. Not surprisingly, most health experts agree that moderation is the key…. Read more »

Surprisingly Healthy, Yummy Pizza Recipe [Homemade]

But, wait! Why can’t you? The real problem is that the concept of “diet food” has given “healthy food” a bad rap. In fact, maintaining a healthy weight simply means eating well and moving regularly. Eating well does not have to mean “serious food restrictions.” It’s more about re-training the way you think about food: Prioritizing ingredients with… Read more »

How To Make Time For Daily Workouts When You’re Crazy-Busy

With a schedule this hectic, how in the world are you supposed to find the time for a daily workout routine? Even though working out every day seems about as realistic as riding a unicorn, there are ways to fit a workout routine into your busy day. Here are some ways that crazy-busy people carve out time in their… Read more »

Try Yoga For Exercise With These Beginner Poses

Really? And they think you can do that? Um, no thanks. But…Yoga Really IS For Beginners Just Like You While you may never be able to do a perfect Head-to-Foot-Pose (Sirsna Padasana), there are dozens upon dozens of yoga poses you will be able to do with finesse. As you slowly add to your practice,… Read more »

Try Yoga For Exercise With These Beginner Poses

Really? And they think you can do that? Um, no thanks. But…Yoga Really IS For Beginners Just Like You While you may never be able to do a perfect Head-to-Foot-Pose (Sirsna Padasana), there are dozens upon dozens of yoga poses you will be able to do with finesse. As you slowly add to your practice,… Read more »

The 3 Best Exercises To Boost Energy

Endorphins are “feel good” hormones; once your blood is infused with a dose of exercise-induced endorphins, you’ll feel more alert, positive and energetic. Over time, exercise is also a mood elevator, lifting individuals out of their mental as well as physical slumps. Exercise also increases the body’s metabolic rate–burning fat cells in order to release… Read more »

I Didn’t Know Sangria Could Be This Healthy [Recipe]

One of the reasons drinking wreaks havoc on your diet is because of the caloric content. Most drinks are packed with calories that will add to your daily intake but still leave you hungry for more food and drinks. Minimizing the calorie count in your drinks is one way to decrease the impact they’ll have… Read more »

5 Ways A Regular Workout Routine Will Improve Your Health

For some, the goal is very specific, perhaps even sports-related. For others, the goal is just to move around more. No matter what your individual goals might be, there are several benefits that anyone with a regular workout routine will enjoy. Here are 5 ways you’ll benefit from working out regularly: #1: Regular Workout Routines… Read more »

3 Easy Exercises For A Quick Fix Home Workout

Unfortunately for most of us, that’s not a reality. Who can go to the gym at 2 o’clock and who has time to take a leisurely drive? Not you. You may not be able to hit the gym in the middle of the day or drive around leisurely, but you can get in the habit… Read more »