10 Ways To Exercise At Your Work Desk

As technological innovations increase, the amount of jobs requiring human movement decrease, and that finds many of us sitting down all day long.

Once we leave work, there’s the family’s extracurricular activities, dinnertime and the bedtime routine to fit in – and there isn’t a whole lot of time for much-needed exercise.

10 Exercises You Can Do Right at Your Desk

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can exercise right at (or near) your desk, allowing your body the opportunity to move, burn calories and release pent-up energy and tension.

  1. Give yourself an option. Why sit when you can stand? Standing desks are increasingly popular. Not only does standing burn more calories than sitting, it’s also better for your muscle groups since it keeps them more active – think toned, rather than blobby.
  2. Use a yoga ball. If you prefer a sit/stand option, consider something like Varidesk, which gives you a choice. Then, use a yoga ball while sitting. It forces your core muscles to work harder to maintain upright posture, and that also burns calories.
  3. Think in terms of the least convenient. Proud of your VIP parking space? Like flirting with the cute new staffer in the elevator? Get over it. You’re wasting valuable calorie burning opportunities. Park far away, and always use the stairs, forcing your body to more more. Jog and/or skip stairs whenever possible for greater muscle gain.
  4. Take a brisk walks whenever possible. Don’t use valuable break time to catch up on emails or social media. Instead, take a brisk walk around the office. Have an important but non-confidential phone call to make? Put on your Bluetooth headset and take it outside while you stroll the business park grounds. Re-think office activities in a way that changes still shots into action sequences.
  5. Leg bounce and toe tap your way to health. Remember when you used to get into trouble for the constant leg jiggling under the table? It’s time to relearn that habit. A recent Mayo Clinic study showed that those who fidget (leg shaking, toe tapping, constantly changing position, etc.) burned an average of 350 calories more per day than those who are more sedentary.
  6. Get exercise equipment made for your desk. From under-desk cycling machines to NSD Power Balls that use gyroscope motion to tone your arms, there is a whole host of exercise equipment that is made for your desk. Imagine cycling – with resistance – for 8 hours straight…pretty awesome.
  7. Do squats. Squats require no extra equipment but they pack a powerful punch. You can do them beside your desk – or while talking on the phone – as well as on breaks or while you’re waiting for those 250 copies to finish up. Click Here to read detailed instructions on how to do ergonomically- correct, weight-free squats.
  8. Create your own yoga studio. Wish you could escape the office to do some yoga? With Yoga for the Office…, you can. All of the article’s stretches can be done at or beside your desk. Or, maybe it’s time to lead a lunchtime yoga group in an empty conference room…
  9. Paper ream leg squeezes. Next time you’re alone in the copy room, grab a ream of paper and run. While seated, squeeze the ream between your knees – working the inner-thighs – for 30 to 60 seconds.

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