3 Easy Exercises For A Quick Fix Home Workout

Unfortunately for most of us, that’s not a reality. Who can go to the gym at 2 o’clock and who has time to take a leisurely drive? Not you.

You may not be able to hit the gym in the middle of the day or drive around leisurely, but you can get in the habit of working out, and it’s easier than you think. One of the biggest barriers to making workouts part of your weekly routine is finding the time to do them.

Make Your Exercises Work For You

No matter how crazy your schedule is, you can find time for a quick full body workout in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere). In fact, the simpler the workout in the beginning, the more likely you’ll be to stick with it. So, keep it simple and plan an easy home workout that you can get done easily, even if your day gets chaotic.

The best way to get started is to choose two or three easy exercises to do every day or every other day. It can even be once or twice a week; start with whatever you’re comfortable with and whatever you think you’ll be able to stick with. Instead of planning to hit the weights, choose exercises that you can do whenever and wherever you are, using your own body weight. If you haven’t worked out in a while, here’s a sample workout that is simple but challenging for a great, easy workout…


Quick Fix Workout For Beginners

  1. Arm circles. That’s right, arm circles. Those seemingly silly exercises from middle school gym class. Even though these seem simple and easy, you’ll feel the burn after just a few seconds. This easy exercise will work the shoulders, traps, back, and arms. Try starting with three repetitions of one-minute circles in each direction.


  1. Wall Sits. Another simple, yet effective exercise is the wall sit. This is a static exercise that involves squatting down with your back against a wall until your thighs are perpendicular to the wall, then holding it. You’ll feel this targeting your quadriceps and hamstrings, as well as your calves and core. Start with three reps of 30 seconds to a minute.


  1. Planks. Planks have become very popular in the last couple years, and for good reason: They’re extremely simple and surprisingly difficult. To do a plank, lie with your stomach on the ground and lift yourself up, using your elbows to anchor you. Only your toes and your forearms should be touching the floor. Tighten the abs and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat for three repetitions. These will engage your abs and lower back.


The great thing about these exercises is that you can customize the workout to fit your skill level and schedule. If you feel unchallenged by the suggested durations or you aren’t able to keep proper form for the entire suggested duration then adjust your routine so you’re maintaining the correct form but pushing yourself enough to feel the exercises working. If these exercises are too simple, or you want to add some variation to your workout, try the following exercises for a slightly more challenging workout:

Quick Fix Workout For Intermediates

  1. Pushups. Everyone knows what a pushup is and they are a staple of easy home workouts. Pushups are great because they’re challenging and they actually engage several muscle groups, including your chest, back, shoulders, neck and even your core. Start with three repetitions of 10 pushups or three reps of however many you can do in one minute.


  1. Lateral Lunges. A twist on the standard lunge, lateral lunges are exactly what they sound like: Lunges that move your leg from side-to-side rather than front-to-back. These are great because they engage many of your middle and lower muscle groups, including glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, as well as your core. Do 10 one each leg, three times to start.


  1. Mountain Climbers. These are a little more active than the other exercises. You start in pushup position and bring your leg to your chest, alternating between both legs. This exercise should be done more quickly and you can do it for 30 seconds to a minute, for three reps. Mountain climbers work your abs, lower back, quads, hips, and glutes.


Start with the recommended durations and reps and adjust it to see what the best starting point is for you. You can mix-and-match exercises to build a workout that works best for you. Just remember to keep the workout relatively simple to start with so that it doesn’t become intimidating and it’s easy to squeeze it into a busy day.

Important: Don’t rush the advancement of your exercises. Figure out what’s challenging but doable and stick with it for a little while. Rushing will cause you to become less satisfied with the workout and could even cause an injury.

When To Do Your Quick Fix Workout

To turn working out into a habit, it’s best to establish a time of day that typically offers enough time. If you choose three of the exercises above and allow for a minute between each set of three, you only need 10-20 minutes to do the entire workout:

Exercise A – 1 minute
Rest – 1 minute
Exercise B – 1 minute
Rest – 1 minute
Exercise C – 1 minute
Rest – 1 minute
Repeat Twice – 18 minutes Total

People who are successful at maintaining workout routines usually choose certain times of day to workout. First thing in the morning and lunchtime are popular options. But, it really doesn’t matter what time of day you work out, as long as you do it. Just remember: Even if you miss a day or a week or even a month of working out, don’t convince yourself that you’ve stopped. Just pick up right where you left off and get back into the swing of things.

For more exercises and easy home workout resources, visit the AmFamFit video page or contact American Family Fitness to get advice from a certified fitness professional.