3 Volleyball Drills For A Great Full-Body Workout

1. Jump Higher With Depth Jump Exercises

Jumping higher gives you an advantage on both defense and offense. The ability to spike the ball at a higher point than your opponent can reach and block their shots gives you lots of opportunities to prevent the other team from scoring. Depth jumps will increase your explosive power and train your muscles to contract at a faster rate.

You’ll need:

  • Platform (about 2 feet off of the ground)
  • Ankle weights (optional)

Start by standing on the platform. Jump down, moving into a squat as you land. Use the momentum from jumping into the squat to propel yourself back up.

Make sure you use your arms to stay balanced. Do this ten times, break, and repeat for a total of thirty reps.

Note: Depth jumps will be most beneficial if they’re added to an existing leg program. If you aren’t currently performing leg exercises regularly then you should start with more basic exercises until you build up your strength. Exercises like squats and lunges are perfect for getting started. Once you’re ready, you can start to add more dynamic moves like depth jumps to your routine.

2. Boost Agility With Progressive Sprints

It’s crucial that volleyball players are able to change directions quickly and often times it’s helpful to be able to assume multiple positions. During a game you’ll have to recover quickly and repeatedly.

A progressive sprint is a great all around exercise for volleyball. A player has to change direction and run quickly, two very useful skills on the court.

You’ll need:

  • Cones (4)
  • Stopwatch

Place the cones at regular intervals. Sprint between those lines, working your way from the closest to the farthest away, always returning to the starting point.

Allow yourself a short 8-15 second break after the first set before taking another sprint. Repeat 5 times.

These sprints are especially useful if you’re training for a volleyball league or other sports. If that’s not the case, just be sure to keep your goals in mind. These sprints are great for building explosive strength and encouraging muscle memory. However, if you’re looking to increase your stamina and endurance then you might consider adding jogging or elliptical time. The two types of workouts can also be used together to create a well-rounded program.

3. Sharpen Serving Accuracy With Target Practice

Hard hit serves can frustrate the other team while building your own confidence and being able to place serves will improve your skills as an offensive threat. Target practice is great for honing these skills and mimicking a real game scenario. Practicing serving is as important as any bump, set, or pass drill.

You’ll need:

  • Balls (about fifteen)
  • Net

Line up the entire team with balls behind the end line. Put an extra ball anywhere on the court (vary each time).

Allow the players to serve one at a time. The goal is to directly hit the target to earn three points. The first player to score 25 points picks either laps or push-ups for the rest of the team to do. You can also play this alone if you don’t have other people with you.

Target practice is a great drill for improving serving and hitting skills. It’s also a great workout for your core, shoulders, legs, and more. If your goal is to improve for actual volleyball games then you should focus closely on the accuracy of your shots and mechanics. If you’re just doing this for a good workout, consider hitting using both arms to hit, approaching the net from multiple directions, and other ways to ensure that you get a well-balanced workout (not just building up one side of your body).

Get A Full-Body Workout With These Volleyball Drills

Whether you’re practicing to get ready for a volleyball league you just joined or you’re just trying to add some variety to your workout, these volleyball drills can provide just what you need. Be sure to start safely if you haven’t done these types of movements before and build up to more advanced approaches.

If you haven’t had a basic exercise routine before this, you should consider doing more basic exercises (pushups, lunges, etc.) and then working your way up to these.