Chris Ran His 1st Half-Marathon On A Dare in 2012. Read Why And How His Training Is Different Today

What Was Chris’s First Training Regimen Like?

Chris had not trained for long distance running before and the first time he trained for the half-marathon, he took a straightforward approach, probably similar to how many casual long distance runners go about it. His training was as simple as running for 5-6 miles, 3 times per week up until the race. By race day, Chris had dropped an astonishing 80 pounds!

After Running 3 Half-Marathons, How Has Chris’s Training Changed?

Instead of the simple running regimen that Chris first used, he now uses a combination of flat running, incline running, and strength training and conditioning to prepare for his runs. Chris explained that, “based off of experience and know what the course is like, [he is] incorporating more inclines and interval training to prepare for areas such as Bryant Park,” going on to say that, “those hills are a nightmare.”

Chris says that he doesn’t do any formal marathon training, such as Sports Backers, but he has done a combination of civilian and military training a couple times and he highly recommends it as a great approach for long-distance running and strength training. Additionally, Chris goes to the gym to strength training and conditioning and says he performs exercises such as sled pushes to get in running shape.

How Does Chris Get Motivated And Stay Focused For His Half-Marathon Training?

Chris says that it’s much easier to train sufficiently when you have an event coming up to train for and, at the same time, he thinks it’s “easier to make progress when you don’t have an ultimatum.” He recommends telling as many people as possible to help keep yourself accountable for your goals.

When running, Chris also says he has to listen to music because, laughing, he says it’s too painful otherwise. Chris also believes the right shoes are important. He highly recommends going to a “specialty running store where they observe your posture and form and fit you with the perfect shoe.”

What Are Chris’s Goals, Rewards & Recommendations For The Upcoming AFF Half-Marathon?

Chris says that he hasn’t really trained for specific goal, but for his fourth half-marathon, he would like to get below two hours. His reward for running the race?


For other people who are thinking about running, Chris says “if you’re thinking about it, just do it. If you are waiting for the right time, you’ll be waiting around forever. Just act on it.”

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