How Jackie, A Mom Of Four, Is Training For Her Second Half-Marathon

What Inspired Jackie To Run The AFF Half-Marathon In November?

Jackie ran her first half-marathon in Alaska in 2012. But, just over four months ago, Jackie was sidelined with her second ACL reconstruction and was only recently cleared to run again. Being able to run but not cross train, Jackie said of running the upcoming half-marathon, “Why not me?” So, with goals of being leaner, faster, and the best that she can be, Jackie committed to training for the American Family Fitness Half-Marathon.

How Has Jackie Approached Training For The Half-Marathon?

You’ll usually find Jackie running with a hat on. She pulls the brim down and it helps her focus. “I love my American Family Fitness Under Armour hat,” she says.

Being unable to cross train has not meant that Jackie only runs to train for the half-marathon. Instead, you can find Jackie working with weights 3-4 days per week in an effort to build the muscle that will power her run. On the remaining days, she does 2 long-run days, 2 incline running days, and then adds one day for recovery.

Jackie’s Advice For New Half-Marathon Runners

Being her second go at running a half-marathon, Jackie says that it’s important to make sure you train the right way for your run. According to Jackie, “you can’t just decide to do a race and think you can just run, run, run…your body needs to develop the right muscles to run.” Jackie admitted that not training properly was how she tore her hip labrum in 2012.

She says that you can use a personal trainer to prepare or you can buy an online manual or find a local running group like Sportsbackers. Jackie also mentioned how important healthy eating is for half-marathon preparation.

Jackie’s final piece of advice? “Anybody can do it,” she says, adding “[it] doesn’t matter who you are…you can do it. I have four kids and I’m doing it.”

Jackie’s goal for this year’s half-marathon is to beat her first run time of 2 hours, 14 minutes.

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