How Lenny Dropped 53 Pounds Training For The AFF Half-Marathon

How Did Lenny Train In A Way That Encouraged This Weight Loss?

It’s very common for people training for long distance running to set time goals. It creates something to work toward and can be a motivator for people to keep pushing. But, everybody is different and Lenny found that a different approach was right for him.

Instead of setting a firm time to shoot for in his first half-marathon, Lenny set a pace that he was fairly comfortable with, so he knew he could sustain the pace. This meant that he could stick with it and wouldn’t feel like calling it quits.

As Lenny’s endurance and strength increased, he increased the difficulty by extending the destinations and running with a weighted vest (over his American Family Fitness t-shirt, of course!)

What Has Lenny Learned From His Training?

Lenny was already a member of American Family Fitness and learned about the half-marathon through the gym. He enjoys participating in positive events and knew that everyone running the American Family Fitness Half-Marathon was trying to better themselves, so he wanted to take part, too.

During his training, Lenny has learned that interval training is better for weight loss than simply running long distance in a consistent pattern. He also found that running gives him more energy throughout the day and he says it’s actually easier than people think.

What does Lenny think about while he’s running? “What I’m going to eat afterwards,” he says.

Starting off at 230 pounds, Lenny says “this is a sport that anyone can participate in no matter what level or speed they are running.”

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