The Best Subscription Food Services To Start Eating Healthier

Medical science proves over and over again that healthy diets correlate to:

  • Fewer health issues
  • A stronger and healthier heart
  • Balanced blood sugar levels, minimizing risk of type 2 diabetes
  • An easier time achieving and maintaining your target weight
  • A boosted immune system
  • More energy
  • Better sleep habits

Fortunately, there are several food subscription services out there dedicated to making it easier than ever for you to eat the foods you know you should so you can live the life you want.

Top 5 Food Subscription Services for Healthier Eating & Living

If you find yourself caught between the desire to eat healthier and the lack of time to make it happen, one of these food subscription services may be right up your alley.

We’ve reviewed 5 of the the most well-known services to give you a head start in the selection process.

Graze is a food subscription for those who love to snack

We’ll start small. Often, it’s snacks – not meals – that get people into trouble. All those healthy salads, smoothies and low-carb dinners are great, but you may not have time to make one when you want it. If you wind up grabbing a Snickers bar – or one too many Triscuits with cheese – to snack on instead, all that diligent calorie counting is for naught.

If you’re a serial snacker, or have a difficult time passing up unhealthy, between meal snacks, Graze might be the perfect subscription food service for you. Their snack boxes are delicious, nutritious and custom-selected based on your personal snack preferences.

Graze snack options contain:

  • Zero artificial colors or sweeteners
  • No trans-fats
  • No GMOs or high-fructose corn (HFC) syrup
  • Individually, portion-controlled options

Snack boxes can be delivered right to your home or to your office so you have access to healthy snacks where you need them the most. A box of eight snacks costs just $12.00. That beats the $1.50 you pay for a 250-calorie Snickers bar, any day.

Blue Apron is where subscription meals got started

Blue Apron was the first company that made subscription dinners a household item. Their mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone. Like Plated, which we’ll talk about below, the customer receives boxes with fresh ingredients that are portioned appropriately and ready to be integrated into the recipes provided.

If you don’t like to cook, this isn’t the best subscription option for you because you still do the lion’s share of the mixing, sauteing, cooking or baking. However, what you gain is all the time saved planning menus, shopping and prepping the food – as any cook can attest – that’s hours and hours of time saved per week.

Blue Apron has two plan options: 2-person and family plans – and the prices run about $9.00 per meal per person. That’s pretty reasonable for seasonal, healthy menus delivered to your doorstep.

Plated brings the ingredients for casual or formal dinners to you

Whether you’re a kitchen newbie or an experienced cook, you’ll love how easy it is to throw Plated’s personally-selected dinners together. Looking for something simple for yourself on the weeknights? No problem. Planning a more upscale dinner for four this weekend? That’s fine too.

Every week, Plated has nine new recipes to choose from. This allows you decide what you want to eat and when. The subscription is very flexible, so you can skip weeks or swap recipes as desired. Their recipes are geared to be prepped and cooked in under an hour – and there are plenty of 20-minute quick-prep options as well.

All of the recipes offered by Plated include seasonal, farm-sourced ingredients as well as responsibly raised meats and sustainably caught seafood. You can choose from recipes tailored to omnivores, vegetarians, seafood fans and dessert lovers.

Plated costs a bit more than Blue Apron, with an average of about $12 per meal. However, they are also more conscientious about sustainable and farm-fresh sourcing, so that’s worth taking into consideration.

Don’t like to cook? Freshly is the meal service for you

If you don’t like to cook, we recommend visiting the Freshly website. Freshly provides delicious and healthy meals that are delivered each week. Since they are stored in the fridge, their meals are fresh rather than frozen (bonus!) and entrees only take two minutes to heat in the microwave.

Their entree selection is impressive and prices range from $9.00 per meal to $12.00 per meal, depending on the level of your subscription (i.e. the more meals you order per week, the lower the average entree price).

Freshly’s meals are:

  • Gluten-free
  • Perfectly portioned (great for those who are prioritizing calorie control)
  • Contain zero processed sugars
  • Are all high-protein and low-carb, ideal for those who are watching their weight or are working to maintain more balanced blood-sugar levels

The meals are cooked by professional chefs so you will appreciate the attention to variety and the use of fresh herbs and spices that add home cooked flavor.

Green Chef is ideal for the Organic-only household (and Vegans too!)

While Blue Apron, Plated and Freshly are all geared for the health-conscious, they have varying levels of attention when it comes to organic ingredient sourcing. If your home is 100% committed to organics, or if you have a Vegan or two in the house, Green Chef might be the best option for you.

There are several reasons why we love Green Chef. In addition to only using ingredients that are certified organic by CCOF, they are also committed to choosing veggies, meat and/or animal products that have no:

  • Synthetic pesticides
  • Genetically modified organisms
  • Artificial ingredients
  • Growth hormones or antibiotics

Like Blue Apron and Plated, the ingredients and recipes will arrive to your door – and it’s up to you and your family to assemble and cook them. Their meals are designed to accommodate a large variety of diet-restrictions and preferences, and can be delivered for two to six people per meal.

While Green Chef’s meals are the most expensive of the bunch, we’re surprised at how reasonable they are considering all of the ingredients are organic. Price per servings range from $10.50 per meal for vegetarian entrees, up to $15.00 per meal for Paleo subscriptions. You can also select “omnivore” plans that include two veggie, meat or seafood dinners, or “carnivore” plans that include meat or seafood entrees only.

Healthy eating has never been so convenient

Regardless of which meal subscription service you choose, you’ll reap the benefits of weekly dinners (or snacks!) that are portion-controlled and chock-full of the vitamins and minerals lacking in mainstream convenience foods. Plus, you’ll avoid all those chemicals, preservatives, food additives and fillers that continue to be linked to serious health conditions and side effects.

All of the above services offer trials and/or offers to get you started. We recommend trying at least two of them to decide which one works best – and tastes best – for your household. Bon appétit