Why Garrett Won’t Be Counting On A “Runner’s High” For His 1st Half-Marathon

How Did Garrett Decide To Run His 1st Half-Marathon?

Garrett says that he has always enjoyed running but over this past Summer he started to get into it more and realized it was a great way to wrap up the day. He explains that it’s a great way to wind down and also feel like you’re accomplishing something. Garrett has always enjoyed sports, like running and golf, where you rely solely on yourself to meet your goals.

As Garrett grew increasingly interested in running, he decided to set a goal of running a half-marathon. Soon after, he heard that the American Family Fitness Half-Marathon was coming up and so he decided to participate.

How Has Garrett Been Training For The Big Race?

Garrett likes to mix up his training by logging 3 long runs per week and one short, fast run per week. He runs a 5k distance once per week and he says that run is great for gauging how much his energy levels are increasing over time. Garrett also run somewhere between 5-8 miles, three times each week. He typically runs outside because he enjoys the freedom it allows.

Garrett also does some weight training and mixes in other types of workouts as well. His goal for the race is to stay at or below 7 minutes, 30 seconds per mile.

What Does Garrett Think About When Running?

Training for a half-marathon means a lot of time spent running in preparation. Garrett uses that time to reflect on his goals and to think about beating his past self. He admits that some days he has to fight off negative thoughts of being too tired or unmotivated. When that happens, Garrett thinks about a couple quotes that resonate with him, including “work harder and do more.”

Garrett’s Advice & Messages To Aspiring Runners

Garrett believes it is important to “listen to your body [and also] let your body rest and recover…without your body,” he says, “you are not going to be able to cross the finish line.”

Aside from his goal running time, Garrett hopes to inspire people by “bringing a positive frame of mind to the run and encouraging those around [him].”

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