You Won’t Believe What Ira Did While Training For Her First Half-Marathon

Ira McClure Morris has always wanted to push herself and work her way up to a full marathon race. She has also wanted to push herself harder to run in cold weather.

The upcoming American Family Fitness Half-Marathon set the perfect stage for Ira to accomplish her cold weather goal and to be well on her way to achieving her full marathon goal.

Ira has used the Runner’s World Big Book Of Marathon And Half-Marathon Training to develop and shape her training regimen for the race. She also made adjustments to her work schedule to allow for the training she would need to get in race-day shape!

Everything sounds pretty normal so far, right?

But, Ira hasn’t just stuck to running for her workouts. You’ll also likely find her in the gym for cardio training like Zumba or other Group X classes.

In fact, Ira has just done something (before the upcoming half-marathon) that we’re confident few people have done: She just ran a full marathon!

Yep, through her training and preparation, Ira was in good enough shape to complete a full marathon before she even ran the American Family Fitness Half-Marathon.

How Did Ira Pull Off A Full Marathon Before The AFF Half-Marathon?

While running a full marathon in the days leading up to a half-marathon may not be the best approach to training, it shows the incredible dedication and drive that Ira has and it’s a testament to how much training in and out of the gym can boost your fitness levels and preparedness.

To stay motivated, Ira set a goal of 2.5 hours for her first half-marathon and she has kept that in mind throughout all of her training. When she isn’t quite feeling it, Ira relies on good music and energy gels to give her the boost she needs to keep moving.

Ira’s Advice For Other Beginner Runners

Ira stresses the importance of good running shoes that fit properly. Not only will they help you run better, they will also prevent chaffing during your runs. With chronic plantar problems, Ira has enjoyed running in a pair of Asics Kumulus 18s, which were purchased and fitted at Lucky Foot. She also purchased insoles from Berry to add a little more support.

Ira’s message to beginner runners is “if you have a goal and set your mind to it then you can achieve it!”

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