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4 Ways to Spot a Fad Diet

Throughout the years we have seen some pretty crazy fad diets. From cabbage soup to cotton balls, these diets promise results and sometimes they even deliver, but at what cost? Are you losing fat or muscle? How long will the weight stay off? The biggest complaint I have heard from my clients who have tried… Read more »

Millie’s Cabbage Soup Recipe

This cabbage recipe is courtesy of my Italian grandma Millie. Married to a Frenchman in the amazing city of New Orleans, her cooking is the most amazing blend of Italian, French and Cajun. This recipe starts with a New Orleans tradition, a base called The Trinity. The Trinity is onion, celery and bell pepper cooked… Read more »

Back to School with Nutrition

As parents one of our biggest goals and sometimes our hardest struggle is trying to get our kids healthy nutritious foods they will actually eat instead of trading for Cheetos. Back to school means back to lunch planning. While school foodservice can provide nutritious meals, the child still has to make the right choice. This leaves… Read more »

Teens Fueling for Fitness

Last week I had the privilege of working with William, an aspiring high school soccer player. He is 15 and doing really well exercising and eating healthy on his own, but like most teenage athletes, he wanted to know what he could do nutritionally to make sure he performs at his best. He had some… Read more »

Quick Tip for Packing Lunches

Be organized! Have a drawer or some cabinet space available to store your lunch supplies. This will make packing a breeze in the morning or night before. Must have items are: • Lunch bag, brown bag or cooler • Plastic utensils • Storage containers (BPA free • Napkins • Water bottle, Thermos or other drink holder… Read more »

Deciding to Succeed

by Chrissie Mack Contributing Writer & Director of Member Relations Everything we DO in life, good or bad, is the result of a decision. You’ve recently decided that NOW is the time to get cracking on a new fitness routine and make your improved wellness is a priority! AWESOME! The results of this decision have great… Read more »