Cindy Bennett

fullI joined American Family in September or so of 2012, primarily because I wanted to lose weight, and get in better shape, and wanted my then 9 year old son to be able to come with me and start building healthy habits for his own life. Most weeks I’m there at least 5 days a week, and whether it’s a class, or a run, weights, or cardio, many days it has saved my sanity, and certainly made a difference in the way I feel- not to mention the way I look! In fact, my son said to me not long ago that you all should have taken my picture when I first started, because, he whispered, “you were a little fat, but not anymore!” I have had to get all new clothes, and I feel like a new person- last summer I was a solid size 14, and now I’m a 10 (sometimes even an 8!)