Terms and Conditions
  1. To qualify for gift credit, the referring and referral member must not have a status of terminated, collections, prospect, trade or temporary. The referral member must be an active and in good standing member.
  2. A $50 credit will be applied to the referring member’s account & $25 to the new member’s account within 7-10 days of the referral.
  3. Members will be notified of when the gift credit will be applied to the membership via email and text.*
  4. If an email or text notification has not been received within the 7-10 days, please contact the club.*
  5. Credit expires 90 days from the date the notification was sent. Credit is non-transferrable.
  6. Unused value forfeits after the expiration date. If credit is obtained through fraudulent activity, the original value issued will become void.
  7. Gift credit may not be used towards the purchase of gift cards, previous purchases or services.
  8. To redeem the credit please let the cashier know you have a gift credit on your account.
  9. To check your available credit, please see Welcome Desk employee.
*Please confirm that your contact information is up-to-date by accessing your account in the member portal.