Glenda Baul

My success story is one about being alive. I credit Shelly Hinson for knowing me well enouogh even before we started working together to see signs of something that was not quite right. It has taken me a while to write about it, but this all started last June. I worked out at least 5-6 times a week. For a period of about 6 weeks last year, I even came in twice a day. I really thought I was ready to step it up, and I contacted Shelly. In a preevaluation, Shelly noticed some things. As I was going upstairs one day, she noticed that I had to stop which she thought strange for someone she sees in the gym daily. She came upstairs and watched my treadmill workout. I used to walk at least 2 min on an incline of 15. That particular day I was on an incline of 2 and only walking at 2.5. Shelly recommended that I contact my doctor because that seemed strange to her because she had watched me be in the gym daily. 


The next time I met with Shelly, she carried me through a routine which felt difficult. However, Shelly says again did you contact your doctor because this is just the warm up. I told her I had contacted the doctor and he was not able to see me for another month. Shelly then insisted that I call him back and tell him that I could not possibly wait another month. She was seeing something that just did not agree with what she knew of me. So that was on a Wednesday, and on that Thursday night, I ended up spending the night in ER. For the month of June, I went through an ER overnight visit, CT scans, Xrays, and 2 nuclear medicine stress test. On July 9, the cardiologist decided to do a heart cath because the second nuclear medicine stress test was abnormal. While I thought I was going in for a simple procedure, it ended up being a tramatic experience. I had one artery that was 90% blocked. Yes, only one but it so bad that I could not walk from my bedroom to the bathroom . 

After the procedure was over, I immediately called AmFamFit to speak with Shelly. Normally, I would come to the gym by 5:45 each morning. I remember Terrell even saying oh, slacking this morning. To which I responded you won’t believe where I am. I am in the hospital. It surprised me too. He got Shelly to call me back and she was surprised too.

I was so happy that prior to working out with Shelly she tested my strengths and could tell something was not just right. 

So, as I read success stories, I constantly say that I may not be the biggest loser, but I am the biggest winner because I am still here to tell about it. I left the gym for a while to do cardiac rehab and learned that bouncing back was not as easy as I had expected. 

I have spoken with several people in cardiac rehab who had damage to the heart. All of them told me that had Shelly not been so persistent with me and I ended up damage to my heart, the come back would not be very difficult. When I started cardiac rehab, I could not walk up stairs, I now do 10 flights a day with some stopping. I could only do 2:56 min on the eliptical. Back to doing 30-60 min. Could not stand while cycling and now I can. I thank God every day for allowing me to be alive and I also thank HIM for Shelly Hinson who is a great observant trainer.

American Family Fitness has the right name because it clearly takes a family member to notice as much as Shelly did. My guardian angel, my sister, Shelly Hinson, I applaud you, and I thank you.