How Amber Used Group Training To Prep For The AFF Half-Marathon

One of the biggest challenges of running a half-marathon is getting and staying motivated.

Working out on your own and changing your diet plan alone can make things that much more difficult.

That’s why Amber wanted to utilize different types of group training to keep herself going and stay on track for her first half-marathon.

What Group Training Has Amber Been Doing?

One of Amber’s goals while training for the half-marathon was to shift from doing sprint-centric activities to more long distance activities.

As a long time soccer player, a sport that bridges the gap between activities with short bursts and ones that require long distance strength and endurance, Amber was able to use that experience to start training specifically for the half-marathon.

Amber has also been meeting with a group of people once every week to do workouts that include strength training and foam rolling. They’re even given “homework” by their instructor and Certified Personal Trainer at AFF Swift Creek, Christy Winn, which has included cycling classes and Group X classes.

In addition to soccer and her group meet-ups, Amber has also focused on cross training, yoga, and strength training to prepare for the upcoming American Family Fitness Half-Marathon.

What Has Amber’s Training Experience Been Like?

While running, Amber says she is able to practice “mindfulness,” meaning she doesn’t have to think about “[things that] happened last night, what happened during the week, what’s going to happen later” and so on. She adds that “[it’s] nice because you can get in your own space and not [be] consumed with outside thoughts.”

When it comes to staying motivated, Amber revisits the importance of group workouts and how it helps to keep your energy up. Additionally, Amber says she relies on music to keep her upbeat and focused while working out.

Amber’s Advice For Other Runners

Amber recommends going slow at first and getting the fundamentals down because “slow and steady wins the race.” She recommends getting advice from people that have done a half-marathon before and she also thinks it’s important to make sure you’re healthy and fit enough to start this type of training by getting cleared by your doctor.

Amber hopes to spread the word about running and to let people know that if she can do it, anyone can! Amber’s goal with her first half-marathon is to hit the two hour mark. More importantly though, she just wants to make sure she crosses the finish line.

Keep track of Amber and others on Facebook as they train and prepare for the upcoming American Family Fitness Half-Marathon or contact us to see how you can get started with your own marathon training.