Jeff Meszaros

I believe Training with the right Personal Trainer will get you into the BEST Shape of your life!! You will accomplish your goals Faster in less time and with less chance of Injury. Hiring a Personal Trainer will be the BEST decision you will EVER Make!!!


2 Years Mercer County Community College


ACE Certified Personal Trainer, CHEK Holistic Nutritionist Level 1


Body Building / Men’s Physique / Triathlons. 16 Years in the Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer and Coach. 2014 Top Personal Trainer of the Year (9 locations) PT of the Year 2013, 2014 & Top Customer Service 2013, 2014 Midlothian Club


Body Transformations, Body Building, Physique, Fitness and Figure Competition Training and Coaching. Triathlon Training and Coaching


Train Smarter, Not Harder!!!