Jonell Gottlieb

Jonell Gottlieb

I fell into quite a depression after the birth of my 3rd child, and loss of my 4th at 19 weeks. Before leaving Colorado I took some pictures and had my body fat tested at my local gym. My body fat way 46%. 46, I sat down and cried when I got home. I just couldn’t believe it had gotten so bad. I was close to 200 pounds, and almost half of it was fat. I felt hopeless.

I pretty much gave up. you couldn’t get me off the couch. We moved to Virginia in November of 2013. We joined AFF around January 2014, it took me a while to get into it. I felt pretty defeated after seeing photos of myself. My husband convinced me to start lifting weights like he does, and I started taking group classes. I stopped weighing myself and started going to the gym regularly. At least 4 days a week.

I became chatty with the staff, and started noticing other regular members. Once I started feeling comfortable it got easier, I got to a point that if I missed a day I felt like I was missing out. My kids loved the day care so much my now two year old sometimes cries when we leave. He loves the space maze.

One of the personal trainers, Brandon Childs took the time to correct me on a few lifting techniques even though I was not a paying client. The front desk staff is super friendly, and if I am struggling with the kids, will check me in just by sight and wave me through no key fob needed. They have made it so easy.

Because of this, the fat melted off. What was 46% is now 18% and I am 12 weeks out from my first NPC bikini show! It’s amazing. No fad diets, no crazy work out videos, I lost 50+ pounds, and gains a ton of muscle ( I could barely squat the bar when I started now I do reps with 135) all while having fun at AFF. It was a breeze because I enjoyed myself. I love AFF. I’ll be a member for life :)