Katie Farley

Katie-FarleyI started my weight loss journey in January 2013 at 330 pounds. I just woke up one day and decided I did not want to live like that anymore, so I started slowly implementing changes. I lost about 50 pounds on my own by counting calories and walking at the track. I realized that I could actually do this, so I joined AmFam. In February 2014, I signed up for personal training. I did not have any expectations, but I thought if I had a scheduled appointment, it would be a great way to make myself go to the gym. I didn’t do any research, or really sit down and ask myself what I wanted out of it. I just signed up. Never knowing, I was signing up to change my life.
Before I started training, I felt miserable, like I was this girl stuck inside this big person, just screaming to get out. When I started with my trainer, Jon, I weighed 278 pounds. I just wanted to lose weight and I wanted to be thin again. I dreaded knowing how far I had to go. That’s all I could focus on was how much weight I had to lose and how long it would realistically take. When you are a bigger person, and you have a really long way to go it is just so overwhelming. What personal training has done for me, is help me find the joy in the journey. I now look forward to our sessions and to coming to the gym. There is nothing in the world that can compare to the feeling of having someone in your corner. Society frowns on anyone that doesn’t fit the cookie cutter mold. To have my personal trainer believe in me, and cheer me on when I don’t think I can do anymore – is worth more than money can buy. Jon, does an incredible job of giving me exercises that I am physically able to do, but that still push me to my limit. When you feel successful and accomplished, so many other things fall into place. It gives you the motivation to keep going. I used to look out into the gym and see all these fit people doing all these really hard exercises. I would watch people come and go into classes. I always just knew that I would never be “one of those people.” In this journey, I am finding that I’m able to do stuff that I couldn’t even do two weeks ago.

I now weigh 215, and have lost a total of 115 pounds. My body is changing right in front of my eyes. My journey isn’t over, and I have a ways to go. But now, I’m not so focused on the weight or my size. I am instead, amazing myself everyday at how much energy and stamina I have. I am now that strong girl who is doing all those “hard” exercises and going to the Group X classes. I have lost inches and pounds, but what I have gained is much more than I’ve lost. I have gained confidence, many new opportunities, and a new outlook on life.
“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”

Colonial Heights