Lisa Brininstool

I gave birth to a baby boy just over two years ago. When I gave birth I was 300 lbs. I got down to 265 and then I decided to make a life change. I could not climb stairs without getting out of breath, my diet was out of control, and I was tired of being tired. I wanted to set a good example for my son as he grew up. My weigh loss journey began in October oLisa Brininstoolf 2013 at 263 lbs. My current weight is 183 lbs. I used a personal trainer for 2 months and got down to 255. From January 2014 to the present I have worked out on my own. I set a goal to run the Richmond half marathon last November and I accomplished that goal!

I am currently training for a 10k, 8k, half marathon, and the monument 10k that will all take place between February 14 and March 28. My life has totally changed for the better. I went from a size 22 to a size 12. My goal is to hit 180lbs. It is a healthy weight that I will be able to maintain while chasing a growing boy.

Personal Trainer:  Chad Harris