Mike Smith

At 59 years of age I joined AFF at 244 lbs. (6’1″) 2 years ago. A little over a year ago I began Personal Training with Satoya (now in Richmond AFF) and a few months after “hired” Sal Salang. Twice per week on average beginning at 7 AM (I begin at 6:15 AM), Sal guided me and provided the inspiration to lose weight and REALLY get fit. The best part is he was/is methodical in my workouts to prevent injury, but yet my strength resistance exercise routines involve substantial amounts of weight, especially considering my age. He also provided instruction for days I train on my own to include cardio/interval training and varied core and leg exercises.

In fact, today at 61 yrs old I’m well ahead of my peers, having lost 4+ inches off my waist and now weigh 208 lbs. I have decreased my body fat percentage by nearly 10%, having gained over 7 lbs in muscle and lost more than that in fat. I have gained significant tone and definition.

While this is truly a journey and not a destination because I feel I’m still not where I want to be, I do believe I’m a success story given achieving what I have at my age.