Patrick Lipscomb

I am really grateful for how the AmFam University 12 week program has served as a springboard to re-launch my fitness program after I joined AFF last year after nine years off from organized exercise due to the usual excuses. As a former athlete, I had to overcome my initial pride being skeptical of what appeared to be a “beginners’ weight lifting program. But with the approximately 12 station whole body program, I was pleasantly surprised at how challenging it was. the Fitness Counselors were helpful, encouraging & readily available with tips & assistance. I had to admit that in the past< had cherry picked stations that I liked. The discipline of this program gave me a balanced truly whole body workout. As a fifty plus year old, It was helpful to join program with my workout partner Ed, that I as a friend, I had lost touch with, but renewed our friendship meeting at the gym.

Subjectively, I FEEL better. I FEEL healthier, stronger, fitter & more energetic.

I LOOK better. I LOOK healthier.

Objectively, while I have only lost five pounds of weight loss or body fat loss ( at 165# , that is not top fitness goal), more impressive is that my new fitness scale indicated that I had gained TWO pounds of muscle in past 3 months. That is a serious indicator of progress I am told since even serious bodybuilders consider an annual ten pound gain to be excellent.

As a former endurance athlete I am still doing cardio exercise , but putting my strength workouts as a higher priority.

In past year, I have been to AFF every week at least two sessions per week- excepy my week off for vacation out of state. I graduated AMFAMU and am proud of it- posting my certificate on my office wall. I have ‘graduated” to upstairs weight room now and developed a new routine of machines.

Thank you AFF & AMFAMU fitness counselors, personal trainers & smiling/friendly front desk staff for your encouragement & coaching & friendship. Coming to AFF is now one of the highlights in my week.