Did you know you have 30-40 minutes to optimize your workout and fuel your body with nutrients needed to burn calories and build muscle?

Our cafe offers a variety of recovery and performance enhancing drinks and shakes, plus supplements for everything from advanced fitness training to safe, effective weight loss. We also offer healthy foods, energy bars and workout essentials. Members may use their membership card for purchases. Set up your account in our cafe.

We serve many varieties!

Fuel up with the latest sports supplements, protein shakes, energy drinks, energy bars, smoothies and our popular shake of the month. We also offer workout essentials and towel rentals at most locations.

Easily purchase with your membership card

American Family offers T-shirts, tank tops, AFF towels, locks, headphones, goggles and swim caps as well as other work out essentials.  Products for purchase varies by location.

AFF members can also use their membership account to make purchases in our cafe. Stop by any location and ask our cafe personnel for more details.