Whether you’re looking to strengthen and define your muscles or get your sweat on with a good cardio fix, we have endless options to choose from. Group Fitness classes make the time pass quickly, so you pretty much forget the work and get lost in the fun! Working out in groups helps us stay motivated, energized, and committed to our goals, so we get fitter faster – and love every moment of the burn.

Please check our schedules online and on our AFF app for a complete listing of classes and descriptions, but here are a few you might like to try…

Build & Burn: This high-energy interval class combines cardio and strength training for an awesome class where you get it all in an hour. All fitness levels.

Butts & Guts: Muscular Endurance and Strength Training that focuses on the Glutes, Abdominals, and Legs. All fitness levels.

Muscle Conditioning: No cardio here – you’ll use dumbbells, tubing, balls, and more to work every muscle at every angle. All fitness levels.

Senior Fitness: Combine fun, fitness, and music with easy-to-follow, low-impact cardio, functional resistance training, balance work, and range of motion exercises geared towards the mature exerciser, those new to group fitness, and/or special populations. Heart healthy and gentle on the joints. All adults and fitness levels.

Step Basics: Designed for beginners or those desiring a less intense, less complex workout. Choreography is basic; no power moves are used – low impact. It will energize and challenge the body. All fitness levels.