Ever wonder if you have a fast or slow metabolism? Not seeing the results you want, even with diet AND exercise?

American Family Fitness Short Pump offers a brand new approach to nutrition and exercise. With metabolic testing we can give you the tools you need to maximize your results. There are two tests available, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and VO2 max.

The RMR test is a quick and simple breathing test that can tell us exactly how many calories you burn each day. During the test, the air you are breathing is analyzed for oxygen levels. This determines your metabolic rate. From those numbers we can determine how many calories you need per day to gain or lose weight and reach your goals.

The VO2 test measures your oxygen consumption at different exercise levels. This short exercise test will determine your target heart rate workout zones. Working out in these zones ensures results whether you are trying to burn fat or increase endurance.

Until recently this technology was only available at hospitals and universities. Now, you can finally discover what’s going on with your body in a private setting at your favorite health club.

For price information or to schedule a testing appointment, call us at 804-364-1200 or email Bethany Watkins at bwatkins@amfamfit.com.

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