Janice Herlong

Janice writes:

I had been over weight for the last 10 years before joining Chester American Family Fitness in 2011 before it even opened. I belonged to the “Y” before joining AmFamFit. So it wasn’t like I wasn’t working out, but I wasn’t getting the direction or warm family feeling I do at AmFamFit! Monica was the Sales person I spoke with and from that encounter with her at this building that was just a slab of concrete, I knew I needed to do this NOW and there would be NO turning back.

So I joined and boy has my body changed, but better than that is my mental well being! I gave it all I had and I started to see results. Then one day while in the Locker Room I saw a flyer that said “Be A Loser”, so I went to the informational seminar and signed up and that was one of the hardest things I ever did. If you have ever seen the show “The Biggest Loser” this was our rule book for the next 5 months!

Janice Herlong

Our Trainers Eldeka and Amanda worked us so hard you thought you were going to “Die” and you couldn’t take one more step or go on, but you could and you did! What I learned very quickly during the training sessions was not to say “I Can’t”, or “i’m Not”, because it meant you and your teammates, got to do much more of the exercises you were doing and you said “I Can’t” or “I’m Not”, and that didn’t make you to popular with your teammates! LOL! The results were amazing each week we weighed, each month we got measured and our BMI checked and each time my results were always better than the time before!

The friendships you form with your team, the other contestants at the other AmFamFit’s, your trainers, the members of your gym, and the wonderful other Staff at Chester AmFamFit! I got to know everyone through this competition and their Love and Support were priceless. When I started at the gym in 2011 I weighed in at a whopping 243 pounds, wearing 18-20 size clothes and very unfit. I would always be out of breath, have to workout at a very slow pace and could NEVER get in all of the reps that needed to be done. At the end of the competition I weighed in at 170lbs! I came in 1st at the Chester location, but not first in the competition! Even so I am still a winner! I am healthier, happier, truly love to exercise, and feel so Blessed to be a part of The American Family Fitness Family! It changed my life for the better and it will change yours as well, if you will just join and commit 100%!