Tiffany Slater

Tiffany writes:

Prayer, Eating Right, and Dedication are the keys to make a lifestyle change.

Being motivated by my family is what got me started. They kept pushing me and congratulating me with every pound that I lost.

This is a lifestyle change, and it was a challenge, but it was all worth it. I have turned all unkind words into motivation. I was bullied from the 1st grade all the way up until I graduated, and put down by people that I thought were my friends. I could have let being bullied keep me down and depressed, but it motivated me to make a lifestyle change.

Tiffany Slater

After trying many different diets, and not being successful, I began to work out and eat healthy; however, I was told that this was something that I could not do on my own. Being told this upset me, but I was determined to prove them wrong, so I kept on working out and eating healthy, and slowly the pounds began to come off.

My coworkers at American Family always gave me positive energy, great fitness tips, and motivation.

Now that I have reached my goal within a year, I want to help others who may be struggling and I know how they feel. Sometimes you just need someone to push and motivation you.

Yes it’s a long journey. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I learned a lot about fitness and nutrition. I was able to get my family involved in eating better and following a planned workout schedule.

If you ever want a change in your life, the first step is getting started. Everything else will come.

I really thank God for letting me come this far in my life! With a total lost of 62 lbs!!!