Traye Bartley

Traye writes:

My name is Traye Bartley. When I first decided that I wanted to make a change with my life I was 19 years old, 278 pounds, wearing 2x T-shirts and 42 inch waist pants. I am now 21 years old and 168 pounds, wearing medium or large T-shirts and 30 inch waist pants with a belt!


Growing up I was always the big kid. Overweight since I can remember. I was 200 pounds when I entered middle school so I have never been able to see what an athletic bodytype would look like on me.

At 278 lbs and 5 foot 6 with my boots on I was very overweight. So overweight that walking a flight of stairs, or standing up for an 8hr shift, normal things became so difficult to do. I am not finished yet, but somehow I did it.

For me there are several things that helped me along the way. Most importantly I wake up wanting to look a certain way. I go to sleep wanting to look a certain way every day. Another thing is running into people that I haven’t seen in a while and them noticing that my body has changed.

Lastly you have to have the drive! If you want to lose weight and change your body it IS possible.