Teresa Susalis

I join American Family fitness soon after they open. I decided after a couple of months to invest in personal training for a lot of reasons. Like most people I found that life circumstances took me out of routine, and the aging process, Before I new it I was packing the pounds on, and was not happy. I started in March 2012 with Thomas Gipson. I worked with thomas for 7 months and enjoyed he’s creative approach to training, in that time I lost wt . I also got involved with other trainers with group exercise. This past december I realize I needed to add weight training on a regular basis to my routine and switched my training to Salby Salang! He has by far been the best trainer I ever worked with! I not only have lost weight, but many inches and it’s amazing to see my body reshaping. Salby is very dedicated, and educated in the science of physical fitness, he holds a BS in physical fitness from central NC university. Salby is a gentle soul, and wonderful to work with. I’m in my upper forties, and weight bearing exercise is the most important thing you can do for yourself, especially woman! I was diagnosed with Osteopenia and the weight lifting twice a week not only is helping me lose weight, 20 plus pounds so far, but several inches. My workouts twice a week with Salby Salang have made me stronger! I’m now running again, something I have not done in years, and that’s my cardio, I practice yoga, and look forward to start participating in a sunday afternoon boot-camp class. I’m grateful for all the trainers I’ve worked with in the last year and a half, but cannot express all the gratitude I have for Salby Salang! He is the best trainer at the Williamsburg facility, and I highly recommend him!!!!!!!!!

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