Month: December 2020

As you walk toward the doors to American Family Fitness Short Pump, they automatically open for you, as if we have been waiting for you to come to work out with us (we are ?). When you make your way to the Welcome Desk you notice a large waterfall behind the desk that changes colors. Read more

During the past several months we all have been subjected to isolation with a diminished ability to do the things that we’re accustomed to doing on a regular basis.  This has left a great deal of us feeling the blues nearly all year. And now that winter is here, many folks will find themselves feeling Read more

When it comes to working out or anything involving fitness, we sometimes tend to get stuck in our ways and do what we feel is comfortable. Examples: You come into the gym and head straight to your favorite cardio machines to start a long run or ride. You head to your favorite resistance machines and Read more

At dinner last night, one slice of chocolate cake somehow turned into half a cake… Today, you stuffed yourself with five buttery rolls at the office potluck. That wouldn’t have been so bad if you didn’t eat three plates of food. We’ve all been there, and we all know how those post-binge episodes go — Read more