Month: April 2021

Getting Your Mindfulness Meditation Practice Started

Ever been so stressed that you told yourself, I need to start meditating. Well, now’s the time! (And just in time for National Stress Awareness Month ?) If you’ve ever thought about beginning a meditation practice before but weren’t sure exactly where to begin, you’re not alone. You may know that meditation is more than just Read more

Breath Your Way Through Stress

Raise your hand if you’re feeling: Tired Stressed Unsure of yourself Powerless Anxious Now, shift your attention to your breath (you can lower your hand now). Without altering your breath pattern, notice HOW you’re breathing – where does the breath enter, where does it go in your body, how does it feel flowing in and Read more

How to Use Water to Reduce Stress and Soothe Your Mind

Research has shown that exercising in the water can reduce stress on our joints. But water can also relieve stress from another very important part of us – our minds.     Do you have fond memories of being around water? Think back to the beaches you went to as a child, the seas you snorkeled Read more