8 Reasons Why We Love the KidZone

8 Reasons We Love the KidZone

You love your child and want the best for them in all areas of their life, including their education, health, and socialization. And we know that desire remains strong when searching for a gym that offers childcare. You may ask yourself: Will my child be engaged through activity, or left on their own? Will my child be able to be active and try different sports or workouts? Will my child be able to learn how to play with others?

“Family” is not just part of our name but part of our mission to make families in the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Williamsburg areas healthier through an active and engaging lifestyle. And to make this doable for entire families, especially our littlest members, we’re sharing 8 reasons why we love our KidZone:


  1. Parents can work out without stressing out, knowing their child is under supervision

    Part of the reason why you work out is to de-stress. When your child is left in the KidZone with us, you can enjoy your workout without worrying that your child will be bored or left on their own without interaction.

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  2. All KidZone staff is CPR, AED, and First Aid-Certified

    Safety is our top priority in the KidZone. Should an incident happen, our staff is CPR, AED, and First Aid-Certified, and we have a system to notify you immediately should anything happen. You can work out comfortably knowing that if something happens, we are prepared to handle it.

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  3. Kids can be active and socialize with others

    While virtual schooling has been a great way to continue education during a pandemic, it has also made students less active and not able to socialize with other children as much. As a fitness facility, we know that physical activity can provide multiple benefits to children, including healthy exercise, a behavioral outlet, and fun. And socialization is important in the development of children, as it helps children learn to manage their communication skills, emotions, and actions in their relationships with others. Our KidZone has plenty of activities that will keep your kids moving and interacting with other children (keep reading to see what those activities are!).

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  4. Our KidZone is more than a place to put your kids – it’s a space for them to try anything!

Our KidZone offers a variety of activities designed to get your kids moving, thinking, and creating, like:

  • Puzzles
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Video games
  • Legos
  • Coloring
  • Individual play stations
  • Sport Court/Basketball court activities
  • Supervised use of weight machines and selected non-motorized equipment on the main floor (Ages 9-13)
  • At Mechanicsville: Kids Bootcamp (5-13) in our Fusion Studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm 

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  1. Quality family time can include coming to the gym together

    Remember, “Family” is part of our mission here at American Family Fitness. We know how important it is to role model positive habits and how important family time is to you. Being able to come to the gym as a family furthers your familial bond and gives your entire family something to look forward to doing together.

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  2. …and the family feeling is extended to our staff!

    When you join American Family Fitness, you become part of the AFFamily. And when you child enters our KidZone, the AFFamily bond grows even more. Interacting with qualified staff who care for the safety and development of your children while you work out makes your child excited to come back to the KidZone. And parents know and are grateful for the impact that our staff has had on their children, which has created awesome relationships between parents and staff.

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  3. Our staff know the KidZone inside and out because they’ve spent time in the KidZone as children too

    That’s right – several of our staff find themselves working in our KidZone when they’re older! They’ve enjoyed their time in the KidZone as children so much that they want to provide the same positive impact on other children’s lives.

    KidZone Mechanicsville 7

  4. We keep things clean and safe for all with continuous disinfecting

    Kids are wonderful and loveable, but they can also spread germs more easily than other age groups. Don’t worry, though – we stay on top of this with continuous cleaning and disinfecting of all areas, surfaces, and toys in the KidZone by following CDC disinfecting guidelines a regular schedule.

Latesha Brown is the KidZone Manager at American Family Fitness Mechanicsville and has been part of the AFFamily as a staff member for almost 12 years. Her career began in 2009 at the former Northside location of American Family Fitness on Brook Road, and just a few years later in 2012 transferred to the Mechanicsville location as a KidZone Attendant. After being promoted to the Welcome Desk and Café Manager at Mechanicsville, Latesha knew she was meant to be in the KidZone and became the KidZone Manager in 2018. Latesha loves working in the KidZone because that’s where she is able to build lasting relationships with parents and kids who frequent the KidZone, and she enjoys watching each child develop and grow. She also loves her top-notch KidZone team! When she’s not in the KidZone or at Mechanicsville, Latesha enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, especially traveling with them both around and outside of the US. 

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