Carol Schuyler

May 9, 2018 was the day my workouts at Swift Creek AmFam would save me from the potentially debilitating physical effects of a serious auto accident. Actually, that day I was on a “fitness” mission to find a cycle shop in Chester to get new cleats for cycle shoes. After waking up at VCU Medical Center to the news that one lung had collapsed and my pelvis was broken in two places, I decided to “do whatever it takes” in the words of one of my favorite Alt Rock groups, Imagine Dragon, to heal and continue pursuing physical fitness goals. In the early days of my recovery and continuing to this day, I have had tremendous encouragement, prayers, and support from my fitness family at Swift Creek – from the folks at the Welcome Desk to fitness coordinators, cycle instructors, Dale and other members of management, and AmFam members who have become good friends. The combination of being physically fit when the accident occurred and subsequent emphasis on getting stronger resulted in my doctor allowing me to come back to the gym in mid-July, earlier than initially expected, and then pronouncing me healed 6 months from the date of the accident versus the 9 months he initially projected. In fact, he was so impressed at my progress that he told me that a number of his patients half my age were less than 50% along the road to recovery versus my complete recovery! During this season of 12 days of fitness, I also reached another goal in my journey — back in cycle class again – and, in 2019, I plan to continue toward my goal, interrupted by the May accident, of being the oldest regular member in Swift Creek cycle classes. How’s that for a fit female in her 70s!

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