Henrico-Short Pump Personal Training Before and After

Chele Brandon

My Dad engraved on my head at an early age, “Thou shalt sweat at least once a day.” So exercise has always been an important part of my life. I joined American Family in 1995, back when it was located in a little strip shopping center. Shortly thereafter, I met my husband, Jonathan. We trained together until our daughter was born in 1999, and then we built a gym in the house where my husband trains to this day. I kept my membership because I needed to be around adults! Twenty years later, a lot of “life” has happened… including 3 kids with special challenges, and a myriad of joint issues for me. In spite of it all, I’ve been able to achieve several of my fitness goals, including the Marine Corps Marathon, and 5 national figure / bikini competitions. Fitness is a lifestyle for me, and AmFam Short Pump continues to be my home away from home. A place where the world fades away, and I can escape into my music, a nd focus on the task at hand… a kickass workout! I’ve been to many other gyms, and even worked at a few, but AmFam Short Pump is the gym that I look forward to returning every time!

Short Pump

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