Debi Blackburn

Not all of our members come to the gym to lose weight.

Meet Debi; she’s one of our O.G.s ? (Original Gangsta’s), and proud to share that she’s been a member of American Family Fitness for approximately 15 years.

Debi began her fitness journey as an athlete and eventually became a fitness instructor. But that’s not the success story that she wants to share.

Many years ago, Debi overcame an eating disorder after reaching her rock bottom – weighing in at mere 68 pounds. After years of recovery, counseling, and discovering her purpose (mainly driven by her faith), her workouts on the elliptical and practicing yoga delivers relaxation and helps burn off the anxiety and stress that she can encounter as an emergency room psychiatric nurse, and exercise helps her manage it.

Today, Debi weighs in at 125 pounds and says when it comes to wellness, numbers should never be the focus. And for those who suffer from an eating disorder, finding a community that revolves around healing is paramount.

She believes that owning her truth has also helped her in her recovery. She says, ‘Secrets kill. And after being in and out of recovery programs (the last one in 1986), being open and honest has brought me closer to becoming healthier’.

We at AFF recognize that although each journey may have a different path, we all want to live our best lives.

Thank you, Debi, for sharing your story!

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Club: American Family Fitness Midlothian

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