Ed Duddy

American Family Fitness gave me my freedom of movement back!

Last January, my wife booked a family vacation to Disney to celebrate our 5-year-old Grandsons Birthday. The only challenge was how I was going to get around and enjoy the park. Hard to believe today, but I actually considered a motorized scooter or cart.  That was when it happened!!  I realized that I was too young to be in this kind of shape, so I announced to my family that I was joining American Family Fitness. Then I was introduced to Cammie Quinones, one of the many personal trainers at AmFam. Her first question was about my goals. Well, that was easy! My immediate response? Be physically fit enough to walk around Disney and enjoy my Grandsons 1st Disney experience.  I accepted the challenge and began working out with Cammie once a week and started my new training regime that included two additional days for a total of 3 days a week. After six weeks and a loss of 15 pounds, I walked Disney!  But wait it doesn’t end there, my Wife purchased 3 season passes at Bush Gardens, and we enjoyed the entire season of park hopping with our Grandson, very special!  I’m now into my 11th month anniversary with Cammie, down 35 lbs. and recently booked a walking tour to Dublin, Ireland.  So yes, I would highly recommend American Family Fitness and my personal trainer, Cammie, who helped give me the freedom of movement back!!!

Club: American Family Fitness Midlothian

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