Ella Hanbury

I joined American Family Fitness in November 2018 because I had hit my all-time high of 212lbs. My only thought when joining was to get back down to being under 200lbs. My only focus was on being skinny so that I could fit in with everyone else. I trained for 6 months with a Personal Trainer and as a last hurray, she talked me into joining a StrongWoman competition that was being held at AFF Midlo. It was there that I fell in love with being strong. I learned that it’s not all about being small and skinny. There are many goals and mine is to be strong. I have gone from not being able to do anything to having a max deadlift of 300lbs. Long story short, it’s okay to be strong and not just skinny!

Personal Trainer: Robyn Bur, American Family Fitness Virginia Center Commons

Programs: Active, Aquatics, Fusion, Power, and Zumba



December 2018 & July 2019


November 2019

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