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Erin Williams

I joined AFF three years ago primarily for the treadmills and the Pilates class. After working out there for a few months, I did a 10k race and got a PR–placing second place overall female. I was thrilled with the result! Slowly I started to join some more of the GX classes and saw a huge improvement in my race times.
Through the encouragement of friends made at the gym, I competed in my first triathlon–“Pink Power” hosted by Richmond Multisports. I placed fourth in my age group and immediately became addicted. Over the past two years I have used nearly every corner of our gym to train for more and longer triathlons and running races, and continually improve my time, performance, and results. This past year I placed on the podium in all but one triathlon race, and am consistently in the top 10% of overall finishers.
This year I had multiple back-to-back races and started to work with Personal Trainer Allison to improve my recovery process. Thanks to her extensive knowledge and skills, I remained injury free during training and races, and learned a lot about strength training specific muscle groups needed for my specific goals. Just this September I competed in back to back triathlon races (Olympic distance on Saturday followed by the Sprint distance on Sunday) and finished in 3rd place and 1st place respectively.
I haven’t lost weight or changed dress sizes, but I have improved my strength, fitness, and performance overall, as well as made great friends. The staff at AFF inspire and cheer me on, celebrating my race finishes and rooting for me as I power through the various workouts between races. The KidZone staff look after my children every day as I get in my 2 hour workouts and it’s a blessing to know they’re having fun in safe environment while I workout.

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