Jacky Edmonds

My heaviest weight was 170 lbs I am currently down to 98lbs. What motivated me to start this journey was the birth of my first grandchild. I had been depressed and put the weight on after Layla was born I decided I was going to be able to enjoy playing with her. I started coming to the gym and lost about 20/30 lbs. In Dec 2013 I was in a car accident that broke my neck and caused serious injury to my right leg tearing my piriformis. Although I maintained my weight loss by continuing with my changed eating habits I was unable to lose anymore weight since I wasn’t able to workout. In Nov 2014 I had spinal surgery two months later one surgeon encouraged me to return to walking on the treadmill at the gym and doing activities in the pool. My first class was water combat.

One month later (FEB) he told me I could start incorporating light weights and start participating in more classes. It was at this time I expressed wanting to set a goal for myself…. I told him I wanted to run the rugged maniac in May. One Dr said I could do anything that I put my mind to, the other told me that I would never get back to what I was doing before my accident let alone run an obstacle course race. That was the turning point for me I was more determined to do it than I ever was before. Well 90 days later I ran that race and completed it And the best part was 2 days after the race was my follow up with both doctors:) I took my medal and my muddy race bib with me the look on the doctors face that told me I couldn’t do it was priceless; the other doctor high fived me and thanked me for proving his colleague wrong.

Being under 5 ft and weighing 170 is no fun and add being a woman and over 40 trying to lose weight isn’t easy either. If I can do it anyone can do it! I owe a lot of thanks to the wonderful instructors that always encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone but still reminded me that my safety and health were what was most important.

American Family Fitness Gym
Colonial Heights

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