Jeremy Davis

When I applied to be a Henrico Police Officer I needed to do something to get me ready for the job coming up physically wise. When I came to American Family Fitness not only did it help but I had Ryan to help train! Because of his help, I’ve gained a great amount of muscle and lost a good amount of weight! Don’t remember the exact number but I do know that if it weren’t for this gym and Ryan’s help and support I never thought I would be where I am today! And this training helped me a lot to get past all the physical parts of the job. Not only was it hard to get to the gym to train because of the academic portion but Ryan was patient and I want to thank him very much for this long journey and I still plan on training with him and will still come to American Family Fitness to this day!

Club: American Family Fitness Short Pump

Training Classes: Personal Trains with Ryan Foray, Personal Trainer and Active

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