Joe Rhodes

In late 2013 I was at my heaviest weight at 266 lbs. I went through a few “medical adventures” since 2010 that really took a toll on my over health and my body’s ability to function and recover. I was extremely unhappy with my overall condition and with the way it impacted my life and my family’s life. I wasn’t able to even take part in the simple, less strenuous events without back pain and issues. After a position change at work, I was able to be home much more and on fixed schedule, so I started to go to American Family Fitness every day after work. After months of solo cardio training, primarily running and some elliptical, I had lost 25 lbs and felt significantly better. Also, my wife, who is always very supportive also worked with me on this journey by agreeing to try living on a semi-vegetarian diet.

However, I was still having pain in my back. At this point I consulted a local physical therapist who told me I needed to stop running the 3 miles a day that had helped me drop all the weight. She told me the running was only making my disc narrowing worse. This news hit me really hard since I felt my health had really turned a corner.

In search of a new way to change my routine and but still get the cardio I needed, I decided to give spin class a try. I had been a member of American Family Fitness for 15 years, but had never participated in a spin class prior. Nonetheless, it always seemed like there was a tremendous energy in the cycle room, so I wanted to give it a shot since it was low impact on my back and joints. Eight months later I have lost a total of 65 lbs and am down to 201lbs, most of it due to the phenomenal cycling and boot camp instructors at American Family Fitness Colonial Heights!

American Family Fitness Gym
Colonial Heights


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