Joe Whittaker

Joe’s been a member of American Family Fitness since March of 2018. He joined during a time in his life when he wasn’t feeling his most confident — he struggled to maintain good posture and lacked the natural energy to get through the day. During his first week, he completed a body composition assessment as part of a complimentary fitness consultation and discovered that his body weight was 180 pounds and body fat percentage was 33%. It was at this moment that Joe knew he needed to try something new to feel and move better, and his Personal Trainer had the perfect solution.
Enter FUSION Team Training? Joe had not worked out in a long time and was feeling insecure about the idea of working out in front of other people, fearing that he would struggle and embarrass himself. When he learned that all FUSION Team Training sessions are led by certified Personal Trainers, his worry melted away and he finally attended his first FUSION session, changing his life.
Through FUSION, Joe has improved his balance, flexibility, and endurance. And in just one years’ time he has gained over ? pounds of lean muscle mass and decreased his body fat percentage by 16.1%!? These results have given him the confidence to do things that he never would have done before FUSION — he recently signed up to compete in the Rugged Maniac 5-mile race and ran a ten-mile Tough Mudder ? He’s also met some amazing people and gained lifelong friends as a result of FUSION. His experience has inspired him so much that he is currently studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer so he too can inspire others the way in which everyone at American Family Fitness has inspired him.
If you’ve been considering FUSION Team Training, Joe has some great advice to get you started ? “Spend time getting to know the coaches and fellow FUSION members. Everyone is eager to help one another, and the coaches truly want to see you succeed. Just remember that one size doesn’t fit all. What may work for others; may not work for you. The key is to be consistent in your efforts. With your commitment and desire; you can achieve anything you want.” You go, Joe! ? 
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