Laura Gonzalez

I’ve always been an active person. As a child, I was a competitive gymnast, cheerleader, and diver but to be honest, I seemed to be more interested in the social aspect of sports rather than the actual sport. As I got older my social life seemed to take over more and more. Once I went away to college my social life took over. I started partying a lot. So much so, that fitness became nonexistent in my life. Eventually, the social part of parting disappeared as well. For close to 10 years I battled with addiction to drugs and alcohol. There were times in my life that I would “manage” the addiction and fitness was always a part of that but not necessarily in a healthy way. I never seemed to find a good balance.

In 2014, I made the decision to get help with my addiction. Along with that, I joined American Family Fitness with my Dad and I turned to fitness yet again. I started attending fitness classes and I fell in loooove with Group Blast. One day I was attending class at Virginia Center Commons and the instructor, Tammy, told me I should train to be a Blast instructor. I agreed but I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. Little did I know, that I would start a journey in my new career.

After teaching Blast and Active and taking other group classes, I decided to become A Strong by Zumba instructor and along with that, I got my certification as a personal trainer. Since then I’ve quit my “day job” and have become a full-time personal trainer at VCC. I started coaching Fusion which has taught me that it’s not all about how much I burn or how high my heart rate can get but also about how to strengthen and grow my muscles.  On top of the group fitness classes I already taught, I picked up more classes to teach such as Tabata and Bootcamp!

Although my fitness and addiction journey has not been an easy one (and I’ve definitely still had some setbacks) I now can share my story with others in hopes to help them find their healthy balance! I’ve learned that I can give myself a break. That my week does not have to be perfect and that I can miss a day or 3 From the gym and still be okay. I don’t have to turn to alcohol, drugs, food or fitness in order to escape. I can use fitness to enhance my life and my happiness. Thank God for American Family Fitness for all of the opportunities that I’ve received over the past 6 years as a member and an employee!

Club: American Family Fitness Virginia Center Commons

  • Active
  • Blast
  • Boot Camp
  • Fight
  • Fusion
  • Power



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