Nicole Yost

I joined AmFam after moving to Midlothian in 2007. I worked from home full time and found myself friendless, sitting on the couch all day, slumped over a laptop, and slightly unhappy. Since AmFam was the closest gym to me, I’d seen it multiple times and decided to join. It would get me out of the house and around people.

I questioned my commitment as I had joined gyms in the past but never quite stuck with it. However, quite the opposite occurred. I discovered the Group X classes and the Mind/Body studio. I found myself going to the gym multiple times a week and in fact, literally scheduling the classes in my planner to ensure I would know and go.

The years went by, and while I was in “cardio” shape, I was still overweight because, like many people, I love to eat. I even signed up with a personal trainer who said, you have to change your diet. At the time, I wasn’t interested or ready for that. Time went by, life got busy, but I continued to go to the gym. I found myself going to fewer classes and spending more time on the machines downstairs. [So I’ve done it all!]

At some point, I decided to go back to classes. It might have been around the same time I decided I needed to eat better and FINALLY lose those extra 40+ lbs. It was the Tuesday after Christmas in 2012, and looking at a photo recently taken, I decided it was time. Once again, I started scheduling the classes I couldn’t miss. I made myself a priority. Slowly the weight began to come off. Within a few months, I was very close to where I wanted to be but still shy of my goal.

One night after class, the Group X Manager, who I had seen but never met, while on stage and asked, “where is Nicole Yost?” I raised my hand. She said, “See me when you are done.” It turns out, she had heard of my love for a certain class and minor talent for it and asked me to become an instructor. Since that night, I’ve managed to get certified in 5 formats plus an AFAA cert.

I’ve also had two kids and gained some of the weight back. Each time I went on leave, AmFam supported me while gone and when I was ready to come back, EVEN WHEN I was not in the same shape I was in when I left. For four years and through two kids, I kept a bit of that weight, but in Spring 2019, I had had enough. I started to eat better again, trying to get closer to that pre-baby weight. I’m not quite there, and I have my ups and downs, but through it all, AmFam has been there, strong and steady, supportive and forgiving, understanding and welcoming. Just like a family.

Club: American Family Fitness Swift Creek


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  • Groove
  • Yoga
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