Rebecca's Personal Training Before and After

Rebecca Preston

I was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago and I thought it was the end of my fitness goals, so I started eating bad and decided to stop working out. As a result of it, I gained 40 pounds and began to feel miserable. I was tired all the time and in a lot of pain. So after moving here from North Carolina I decided to get a trainer. I met Melissa and began training with her and WOW did she change my life. She taught me how lift weights properly and gave me insight on making healthier choices. Not only did it change my body but it changed my mind set. Though she has moved away, almost two years later I am still working out and I feel healthier then ever. I have also incorporated Group X classes into my fitness goals such as cycling, Core®, Centergy®, and Fight®. I am so glad that I chose American Family Fitness. They have some of the best Personal Trainers and GroupX instructors in Central Virginia.


Personal Trainer

Cycle, Core®, Centergy®, and Fight®

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