Rebecca Pruss

In 2011, Rebecca weighed around 350 pounds. “I speculate I was around 350 since we bought a used treadmill and everyone in the family could use it but me. Within 2-4 minutes of using it, it would come to a screaming halt (yes the motor screamed and came to an agonizing halt). After locating the user manual we discovered the maximum weight it was validated for was 350 pounds.” said Rebecca. That year, Rebecca decided to have gastric Lap-band surgery, and she lost close to 90 pounds over the following 18 months.

In 2016, Rebecca reached out to one of our personal trainers, Bobby, who was referred to her by another member. For the next year, Rebecca trained with Bobby and her weight fluctuated. In the winter of 2016, Rebecca was in a car accident and part of her lap band was damaged so she decided to have it removed in January of 2017. When Rebecca was able to return to the gym, she fully dedicated herself to not just lose weight but improve her overall health. Bobby was there for support along her whole journey.

“My sessions with Bobby consisted of not only personal one-on-one training 1-3 times a week but also his team session every Saturday. I love the variety and trying new things such as boxing, TRX, free weights, weight machines and of course cardio. Along this journey, Bobby has become key in my support network. Always providing positive reinforcement and holding no judgment if I had an off week or even month.”

Since January of 2017, Rebecca has lost 85+ pounds which brings her total weight loss to 155+ pounds. “I still have a bit of a journey left, but I am proud of where I am so far. Thanks to the amazing staff and members at American Family Fitness, the gym has become my sanctuary” said Rebecca. ??

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