Steve & Robin Magat

Robin & I have been members at American Family Fitness Short Pump since we moved to Richmond in 1996.  Two years ago, we both had Hip Replacement surgery (How romantic). This past year, now feeling pretty much pain-free, we finally realized that our weight had just grown out of control. We put ourselves on a weight loss program an upped our workouts to get the maximum results.

Robin loves Yoga classes, walking, and being with friends. I was a fixture on the stairclimbers and worked with light weights. I also started walking around the track. In April, I could only run 1/2 a lap. By June, I could run a full lap, and by July, I could do three laps without stopping.  Now when the weather’s nice, I can run 5K without a problem, but when I workout at AmFam, I set my tracker to 15 – 20 minutes and run as far as I can.

The results? Since April, I’m down 67 pounds!  Robin, who I didn’t think even needed to lose weight, is down 40! That’s over 100 lbs in less than a year. We look great in our new sized clothing, and most importantly, our blood pressure & cholesterol are the lowest they’ve been.

We’re at AmFam almost every day and love the staff and atmosphere that you provide. Thank you for helping us with our goals.

Club: American Family Fitness Short Pump


  • Barre
  • Yoga
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