Susan Kiser

There I was, sitting on the front pew of the church – at my Mother’s funeral, thinking, “I am 47, but still needed my mother!” I looked down at my (then) 8-year-old daughter sitting next to me and realized how much more SHE needed ME!  Right then and there, I made a pledge to lose the extra weight and to get healthy.  (I was 300 pounds, had high blood pressure, and was pre-diabetic.) I didn’t know HOW I was going to do it; I just knew I HAD to do it.

On 11/1/18, I started by taking dietary supplements and drinking more water.  I lost 5.5 pounds in that first week! On 11/10/18, I attended a Body Composition Workshop at the Mechanicsville American Family Branch.  In addition to having the Inbody Scan done (which showed my BMI was 47.5 and body fat made up 51.8% of my total weight), Pamela Speich went through a ton of information on nutrition, and Amy Wilson (Personal Trainer) shared information on fitness training. Both these ladies were so informative!

I took the lessons I learned in the workshop to heart! I went in and had my Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) calculated, so I KNEW what my base caloric need was.  I started using MyFitnessPal to track everything I ate and/or drank.  I got a fitness tracker and used it to track the calories I burned each day. I started walking and attending some of the classes at both the Mechanicsville and VCC branches. I built up to walking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. I worked to maintain a daily caloric deficit of 500-800. (Sometimes it was more, sometimes it was less).  After losing 80 pounds, I had my RMR recalculated and adjusted my caloric base accordingly.  I have also had Inbody scans about every two months to track my progress.

I just had my 1-year scan done on 11/10/2019.  In exactly one year, I have gone from 294.3 pounds to 186.2 pounds – a loss of 108 pounds in 52 weeks! My BMI has dropped 17.4 points to 30.1, and my body fat has dropped 19.1% to 32.7%!  My blood pressure has been entirely normal for the last several months.  My doctor rechecked all my bloodwork, and everything came back in normal/healthy ranges.  I am NO LONGER pre-diabetic!  At 49 years old, I am healthier now than I have been my entire adult life!

I have a goal to get to about 23% body fat, so I still have another 20-25 pounds of fat left to lose. But, by keeping up with my supplements, my diet, and the cardio – AND adding in strength training (the one area I have been a bit slack in), I KNOW I will get there!  If you see me in the gym (VCC or Mechanicsville – occasionally Short Pump or Midlothian), be sure to say “HI!”

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